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More than ever, pest management companies need to make smart strategic decisions. Our customized approach to planning gives your management the confidence and tools to solve sales, marketing, operational, and financial challenges. Together, we will explore key issues and analyze alternative strategies to successfully move your organization forward.

  • Strategic Plans (SWOT and Competitive Analysis) — Whether as an annual undertaking or to address a specific concern, your management quickly and effectively resolve differences and come to alignment on the critical issues and core competencies that affect your success.
  • Business Plans — Expecting more results for less cost has become even more critical to profitability – and survival. A Business Plan is a comprehensive document that summarizes the sales, marketing, operational, and financial objectives of your company and the steps which need to be taken to achieve them.
  • Marketing Plans – Improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts with a coordinated branding strategy. A marketing plan looks at your product attributes, evaluates the competitive marketplace, explores alternatives, and defines how you will successfully compete in the marketplace.
  • New Market/New Service Planning and Implementation – Looking to grow, but now sure where or how? Our experienced marketing professionals can evaluate alternatives and point out the risks and potential, as well as the steps to take to grow your pest control business.
  • Positioning & Branding – Develop a unique competitive positioning strategy based on your core competencies.
  • Logo Usage & Graphic Design Standards Manuals – Consistent use of design elements and your logo are essential to effective branding. A Standards Manual defines your “company look” and provides the guidelines for suppliers to follow.
  • Business Continuation/Disaster Recovery Plans – Most businesses never recover from a natural disaster. Are you prepared to respond to situations or incidents that significantly interrupt your business operations? Effective planning ensures employee safety, provides optimal service to your customers, protects your revenue generation, maintains your corporate image, and ensures customer confidence in the event a disaster strikes your office.
  • Sales and Marketing Consulting — We can help improve your sales productivity through targeting customers, outlining an effective sales cycle, and integrating marketing and sales activities. Together we will strategically address market segmentation, product development, pricing, positioning, promotion, and distribution issues.
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