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Blu Star Professional

Currently in the development, Blu Star Professional will take PCOs to a new level of effectiveness and productivity. In addition to an expanded number of users and mobile capabilities, Blu Star Professional will provides enhanced features in each of the six (6) core modules of the Essential system.

Key features of Blu Star Professional:

  • Supports multiple companies and multiple branches
  • Multi-level nested account management for organization hierarchies and different business units
  • Multi-user platform compatible across client/server or peer-to-peer networks
  • Zone Pricing
  • Route Optimization (Routes, Months, Days, Best Fit)
  • Interfaces with Google Maps and Google Fusion Tables
  • Customer Portal
  • Automatically track warranties and create renewal forms
  • WDO/WDI reporting
  • Advanced administrative tools for Finding Data, Normalizing the Database, Changing Technicians/Routes, etc.
  • Integrates with optional modules (see below)

Optional Modules for Blu Star Professional:

BluStar Pro Mobile

  • GUI designed for improved response times for mobile and slow band-with implementations
  • Fast, incremental syncs with office when network is available
  • Payment Processing in Field

BluStar Pro Advanced Mobile

  • Action thresholds, by station type, for the area/facility, and for a period of time
  • Support for multiple buildings, floors, units, departments
  • Includes station activity logs with graphs

BluStar Pro Sales

  • Integrates sales lead tracking, pipeline, quoting and reporting with the Contact Management
  • Support for Customizable Proposals in field with Signature Capture
  • Reports for Sales Management on Pipeline, Closing Rates and Proposal Capture and Signoff

BluStar Pro Marketing

  • Customer Data Mining
  • Lead Flow Tracking
  • Coding and segmenting of customers
  • Email Integration
  • Quality Assurance recording and monitoring
  • Cross Service Marketing (promoting other services to those who do not have them but are more likely to buy)
  • Importing Leads
  • Integration with 3rd party software (i.e. Constant Contact, Survey Monkey)

BluStar Pro Inventory & Materials Management

  • Inventory in employee's vehicles or their homes
  • Unlimited Warehouses
  • Unlimited Branches
Blu Star Professional Field Service Management Software




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